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Most travel agencies fit you into the best option from a list of pre-selected packages. At Ingenious Travel, I’ll customize a trip that perfectly fits your family. I’ll construct the trip of your dreams, built on the foundation of what you hope to experience, from culture to cuisine. Best of all, Ingenious Travel trips are always designed to enhance your life from the inside out. Every trip offers your family an opportunity to practice gratitude, seek curiosity, and grow in kindness as you learn from cultures who do the same. 

We are a great fit for the traveler who wants to take the time and stress out of travel planning, get VIP perks, a personalized experience, attention to detail, and expert advice and recommendations from a professional travel advisor and fellow passionate traveler!

Who you know matters! We’ve established an excellent reputation and built partnerships with the travel industry’s best to bring you exclusive offers, amenities, VIP access, insider specials and more! 

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Maria Stefanopoulos

Luxury Travel Planner & Agency Owner

As the daughter of a Greek-born father who loved to globetrot, Ingenious Travel’s Owner, Maria Stefanopoulos, fell in love with the allure of travel at a very young age—you may even say she has travel in her blood! Maria honed this natural-born knack of making travel fun and adventure-packed while absorbing the sights, cultures, and sports of Greece, Italy, France, England, Belgium, Canada and many other exotic locations around the globe.

Once Maria realized that travel allowed her to break free of everyday routines to discover new and intriguing sights, sounds, tastes and people, she was hooked and longed to share this incredible gift with everyone she could. At first, she helped friends and family with their travel plans.

Finally the day came when Maria decided to bring to others this passion for seeing the world and her innate knowledge of how to travel well while enjoying every bit of fun on vacations. Maria is uniquely positioned to help her clients design interesting and exciting customized travel experiences that they remember for a lifetime.

The Benefits of Using a Travel Advisor

1. We take care of everything. 
2. Our vacations are fully customized. 
3. We provide VIP extras. 
4. You’ll get insider access 
5. We know about new and rare experiences

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