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Golf - Take Your Clubs on Vacation

There’s nothing quite like a day on the greens. The sun on the back of your neck, the beauty of the course, a cool drink in your hand, and your fellow golfers at your side. This is bliss. Now add to that concierge service, a personal caddy, a gourmet meal, and a couple of stogies and you’ve got a luxury day of golf that is almost guaranteed to improve your game. These are the types of golf vacations that enthusiasts like you dream of, and these are the experiences Ingenious Travel can provide. 

Our golf itineraries can be customized to your unique needs depending on your length of travel, style of accommodations used, how much golf is included (and at what courses), and more. We also can include some non-golf activities for your traveling companions that don’t necessarily want to golf with you. And of course, unique destination-specific options can be included as well.  

Here are some of our golf itineraries:
2022 Baltic Sea Golf Cruise 
2023 Irish Links Golf Cruise
2023 Mediterranean Islands Golf Cruise

sports | sports travel | ingenious travel
sports | sports travel | ingenious travel

Golf - Be a Spectator

Golf tournaments are best experienced in person. 

  • 2022 Masters Tournament
  • 2022 British Open
  • 2022 US Open
  • 2022 PGA Championship
  • 2023 Ryder Cup

Go to the Big Games

Whether you are an avid fan or a company seeking to entertain and reward clients and employees, our extensive sports and   entertainment travel experiences, coupled with our high-touch approach to service, enable us to deliver the “Wow Factor” for you!

You have access to the world’s most sought-after and exclusive sporting events such as:

  • 2021 NCAA College Bowl Games
  • 2022 NFL ProBowl
  • 2022 US Open Tennis
  • 2022 Super Bowl
  • 2022 NCAA March Madness
  • 2022 Masters Tournament
  • 2022 Monaco Grand Prix
  • 2022 Wimbledon
  • 2022 World Cup
  • 2022 British Open
  • 2022 College Football in Ireland
  • 2022 MLB All-Star Game
  • 2022 Daytona 500
  • 2022 Kentucky Derby
  • 2022 Indianapolis 500
  • 2023 Women’s World Cup
  • 2023 World Cup Finals Rugby
  • 2023 College Football in Ireland
sports | sports travel | ingenious travel

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