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A Feast for All Your Senses

Food and wine can transport you to another place, another world if you will. The aromas of a spicy curry can instantly carry you from your home in New York to the luxury resort in India where you tried it for the first time. The scent of a Bordeaux wine teleports you swiftly to the South of France where you and your partner initially said I love you. Ingenious Travel invites you to fill your sensory memory bank with even more fragrances with culinary experiences.

Imagine for a moment watching as cheese is made by a master artisan right before your eyes. Tantalize your taste buds as you learn the art of wine creation. Waft in the aromas of hops as you get schooled in the fine art of your favorite beer. You can do all this and more on a culinary getaway. Learn about the origins and the culture that created the most delicious food and wine in the world, and then take those lessons back with you to influence your dining life at home.

Culinary Travel - Here’s a taste of how we can make your vacation extra sweet and savory:

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Northern Italy Foodie Heaven

Treat yourself to an exclusive Italian experience designed just for you. Enjoy a luxury vacation diving into the Dolce Vita and its premium enogastronomy.

Visit an ancient Acetaia for an exclusive trip into the attic of one of Modena’s oldest vinegar-producing families who will explain to us the processes needed to produce this liquid gold.

Tour of Bologna focused on the main monuments, the market and on the great historical gourmet stores with different tasting that will allow us to learn about Mortadella and all the other still unknown gastronomical treasures that this city keeps.

Visit the unique painted town of Dozza and its amazing castle that keeps, the Regional Enoteca, a sort of “bank” for the best regional wines.

Itinerary Inspiration: 11 Days in Northern Italy

Delectable Greece

In Greece, all food and drink must be AMAZING to please the gods. 

Time to roll up your sleeves as you learn about and produce yourselves artisan cheese by goats’ milk. You will also partake in a tasting a variety of artisan and local cheeses, accompanied by seasonal salads and splendid varieties of local wine.

Enjoy dinner and a catamaran experience around the beautiful island with spectacular views of the cliffs, beaches, and volcano as you sail into the Santorini sunset.

In Athens, taste your way through the city’s little streets, popping in and out of family-run shops and reviving history. Evoke all of your senses as you discover the stories and the origins behind each dish you try!

Itinerary Inspiration: 10 Day Trip to Athens, Crete, and Santorini

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Tasting Scotland

When thinking whisk(e)y, Ireland and Scotland are top of mind. This amber liquid pairs well with chocolate, cheese, and even a five course meal.

Embrace the artisan skills of local cuisine and blend your own whisky while creating your own lifelong taste memories. 

Join in the Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight celebrations sweeping across Scotland in this one day VIP Cultural and Gastro Food tour that brings together food lovers from around the world. Forks at the ready – this is Scotland on a plate!

Experience ‘The Taste of Scotland’, a Scottish dinner folk/cabaret show with highland dancers, bagpipers and ceilidh music.

Inspiration Itinerary: 10 Day Scottish Distillery Tour

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