Group Travel

Why choose Ingenious Travel as your group travel specialist?

Leaving the planning in our expert hands can eliminate the hassle of juggling all the details and make the process more fun and exciting. From small to large groups, we simplify all the logistics of booking your group travel and ensure that your journey is customized to everyone’s travel needs and interests. 

Affinity Groups

Belonging to a club (pickleball, gourmet, golf, book, or wine, you already know how amazing it is to hang out with others who share your interests. Not only will you get to plan a dream trip with like-minded people, but you’ll also enjoy a few perks along the way.

Some examples include:

Book clubs visiting literary-inspired locations like seeing England and Prague through the eyes of  Diana Bishop (Discovery of Witches) or a Harry Potter walking tour through Edinburgh, Scotland

Golfers traveling together to play on Europe’s exceptional courses

Gourmet groups indulging in renowned foodie destinations like Greece or Croatia

Sports fans following your favorite teams (or players) on the road especially during the postseason

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Strengthen Your Business Relationship With Customers

From wine bars hosting clients on wine-related river cruises to distilleries taking clientele through Scottish Whisky distilleries to golf pros taking select patrons on a private club tour, business group travel can be the perfect way to build strong loyalty among your audience, not to mention a possible additional revenue stream.

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