Imagine a two to three week festival dedicated to beer and traveling funfair. Not only does it exist, Oktoberfest happens every year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany! In fact, this annual festival has been held since the year 1810, and even though several celebrations exist worldwide, the one in Germany was the first, and is still the biggest.

When to Visit Oktoberfest

The best time to visit Oktoberfest is generally in September. Yep, this beer fueled event actually kicks off before October officially arrives. The weekdays of the event are the quietest, and understandably so the weekends are the busiest. For full details of the best days to visit, click here.


While the grounds of the official Oktoberfest are free to enter, everything inside has a fee. From samples of beer to amusement park rides, luggage storage to special events – Oktoberfest can get expensive fast if you’re not keeping track of your budget. One liter of beer at Oktoberfest was nearly 12 Euro (roughly $13.50 USD) in 2018. Keep your eye out for specials. Also, consider going during the quieter times when vendors offer discounts to keep the beer tap flowing.

Getting There

Flights to Munich from the states fill up fast for Oktoberfest. Therefore, the earlier you can book, the better. Flying into nearby towns may be cheaper, but keep in mind that the further away you are from Munich, the more you’ll pay in other transportation to get into the city.

Staying There

Again, the sooner you can book the better as rooms also fill up fast. Neighboring areas fill up quickly too! If you can, try to book your hotel at least six months to a year ahead of time. Planning in advance also allows you the time to check out other activities and attractions you may want to partake in. You’ll have time to research the area you will be visiting to learn more about what interests you.

To learn more about Oktoberfest, visit their website. And, when you’re ready to book your trip to the world’s largest beer festival, call Ingenious Travel at 727.748.4077. We look forward to helping you create the vacation of your dreams!

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