Recently on the blog, we talked about taking the stress out of hosting a group trip. One of the more stressful pieces of a group trip, is deciding where to go. In this post, we’ll dive a little deeper into how to make that decision.

It’s hard enough choosing where to go on a vacation with your significant other, or just with your family. Throw an entire group into the mix, and suddenly you might have a plethora of conflicting opinions with everyone wanting to go somewhere different. How can you narrow the list, and choose a place that will make everyone, or at least the majority, happy?

The first step is to figure out a budget for everyone who is attending. Someone in the group should act as team leader and create an anonymous survey that allows everyone to write in their ideal budget for the vacation.

Why anonymous? Some people get uncomfortable talking about their true desires, and their budgets. You’re more likely to get honest answers if everything is anonymous.

Though many websites and news outlets have conflicting opinions on this, the average cost of a vacation for a family of four seems to be about $4,500 for a five day trip. Of course, this number varies widely based on where you’re visiting, the class of hotel, whether you fly economy or a higher class, how many people are on the trip, etc…

In your survey you should have choices that your group can select from. Your budget question could like this:

What is your budget for this trip?
Something else ___________________

Questions to Consider
In your survey, you should also consider the desired elements of the trip that you will take. This can make it much easier to determine the best place to go. Include some questions such as:

The answers from the group survey may quickly reveal that the majority of the attendees want a tropical vacation in Jamaica, or an adventurous ski trip in Canada. You may also learn that the group collectively prefers an all-inclusive resort, or that everyone is just looking to visit theme parks and go sightseeing.

Two additional things to consider when choosing your destination include, the time of year you will be going, and the number of people you expect to actually commit to the trip. The time of year matters because some places cost more money at different times of the year, and you need to also consider what the weather will be like during your trip.

The number of people matters because the cost per person can sometimes go vary depending on the number of people in your group. For example, if a room can comfortably sleep six, it’s going to be much cheaper per person than if only two people are staying in each room. Some activities can be discounted based on the number of people in your party as well.

Bottom line: There’s a lot to consider when picking a destination

On the one hand, all of this information can be incredibly helpful in choosing a destination for your group. On the other, it can leave you more confused than you were before sending out the survey. That’s where working with a travel agent comes in handy! A travel pro can take your group’s requests and present you with options that you can take to the group.

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