Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for friends or family members this year? It can sometimes be difficult finding a present for everyone on your list, but if you are shopping for someone who enjoys traveling – you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a list of holiday gift ideas for the traveler in your life. Check them out below, and perhaps you’ll be inspired!

Backup portable battery charger for phones and tabletsLet’s face it, in this digital age everyone wants to stay connected. But, there’s nothing worse than getting to a destination and wanting to share pictures of it online only to find that your battery is dead! An external battery charger could be just what your recipient needs to stay connected until they can plug in their device at their hotel. Speaking of plugs…

Travel adapter for electrical outlets Get a travel adapter that can help your recipient use their US devices in another country. Note – it’s a good idea to either get a worldwide adapter than can be modified depending on the country they’re in, or to at least find out what types of outlets exist in the countries they would like to visit. Do your homework on the one you purchase, however. Cheaper devices may sound like a good idea, but you want to check the reviews of the one you’re buying so you don’t risk frying your devices!

A neck pillow and an eye mask setThis is especially helpful if you know your traveler takes red-eye flights, or will be on a plan for hours on end.

Noise canceling headphones There are few things as annoying as crying babies and the jerk in the middle seat who won’t stop talking on a flight. Noise canceling headphones can save your traveler’s sanity!

A selfie stickBecause travel photos.

Bottle protectors If you know the traveler will be coming home with wine or liquor. Make sure those bottles are in your CHECKED luggage.

TSA approved sized bottles To bring their favorite toiletries in instead of those annoying pre-packaged versions most people don’t actually even like.

A tablet with books and games already loaded onto itIf you’re feeling extra generous, this can be an exceptionally sweet gift for anyone about to embark on a longer journey. Bonus points if you pair it with a backup battery pack!

A Cratejoy Travel Subscription BoxCratejoy offers subscriptions for every type of lifestyle. No matter your interests, experts and enthusiasts from the company will create and curate the absolute best products for your subscription box – and then send it right to your (or your gift recipient’s) door every single month.

If your recipient is enthusiastic about travel for example, there are subscriptions for things like travel books, spices of the world, snack samplings from different countries and so much more.

Travel gift vouchers – If the person you’re buying for has everything on this list, or if you simply want to get them something extra special, why not buy them a travel gift voucher to use towards their next trip? Ingenious Travel has vouchers available in any denomination you would like to purchase them in. Call us at 888.695.0321, today! We look forward to helping you give the vacation of your recipient’s dreams!


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