One of the best locations for a girlfriend’s getaway is a spa.  Nothing beats a getaway that involves pampering, peace and quiet and lots of time for spending with your best girlfriends.  But there are so many to choose from it can sometimes be difficult to decide.

Spas were extremely popular in the late 1800’s as a getaway/cure-all.  Taking “The Cure” was the answer to almost every aliment.   These spas were almost always built around hot springs where the guests could take advantage of the curing power of the waters.  A number of these older spas are still operating today.  They’ve been modernized but still retain a lot of their historic charm.  Considered destination spas they make a great place to get away.   The accommodations at these historic spas are likely to be smaller and may not have all the perks of the resort spa.   They are perfect for that quiet girls weekend away.

Resort spas are more modern and offer a larger variety of services than most of their historic counterparts.    Resort spas generally substitute hot tubs for hot springs, but also offer such services as mud baths, saunas, body wraps, facials, manicure and pedicure treatments and massage.  You can also find nutrition, yoga and meditation with the help of Marianne Wells Yoga Instructor and personal training at some resort spas.  Accommodations here are usually high end with the emphasis on pampering and comfort.

So the next time you and your girlfriends are talking about needing to get away from it all, let Ingenious Travel book you the Spa Weekend of your dreams.

Did you know that Sarasota Springs, one of the first spas in America, had a hotel with over 500 rooms in 1821?

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