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For those of you who have become quite the well-seasoned ocean cruisers, you may have heard that ocean exploration isn’t the only option out there. Whether you are growing tired of the massive crowds that come along with ocean cruising or you simply want to switch things up a bit for your future cruise adventure, here are some of the main differences of both to help you make some decisions…

No Waves vs. Many Waves

If you have ever had to deal with sea sickness, then you may know exactly why this is such a big difference. Nothing is worse than having your entire vacation ruined by the bumpiness that seems to not sit so well with your stomach. With river cruises, the chances of this are slim to none, making your stomach happier and your trip possibly much more enjoyable. For those of you who never suffer from sea sickness, then this may be irrelevant but still nice to know.

Seeing & Touching Land Everyday vs. Every Other Day

For river cruises, you are able to see land every single day you are on board in addition to actually in port and stepping on land every single day as well. This is unlike ocean cruises as you may go an entire day without even seeing a speck of land. If you don’t mind staring out into the wide open ocean and seeing nothing but blue all around you, then ocean cruises may be great for you! However, if you prefer quite the opposite and enjoy being in port every day, then river cruises might just be your cup of tea.

Forced Social Interaction vs. Keeping to Yourself

There is no denying that river cruises tend to be sometimes 1/8 of the size of ocean cruises. This means that those heading out on a river cruise are much more likely to interact with other guests of the boat simply due to smaller quarters and the way the amenities are set up. With no room service on board a river cruise, this means you will need to get out and enjoy your meals amidst other passengers rubbing shoulders with each other. If you want to meet new people and have a better feel of intimacy and social interaction, river cruises are undoubtedly the way to go. If you like to keep to yourself, then stick to ocean cruises.

No Sales Pitches vs. Infomercial Feeling

River cruises are not a time where you will feel like certain jewelry, art or drinks are all being thrown at your face day in and day out. However, on huge megaships during an ocean cruise, it may feel like the exact opposite. Constant trying to get you to buy new things to fill your suitcase with is a regular and ongoing thing during an ocean cruise, which may get old very fast.

Free Wi-Fi vs. No Wi-Fi

If you are someone who needs their Wi-Fi, then ocean cruises may be a problem for you. They often charge you $1 per minute and almost always horribly slow as opposed to free Wi-Fi aboard many river cruises.

Which type of cruise have you been on? Did you like it? Do you want to try one? Let us know in the comments below.

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