3 Fantastic Castle Stays in Ireland

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Most people dream of one day living in the regal and whimsical castles they read about from childhood in storybooks. Now that many castles are opening their doors to the general public, you can live out your fantasy in the grandest fashion. Here are three of the best castles you can stay at in Ireland: […]

10 Misconceptions About Ireland

Ha'penny Bridge - Ireland | Ingenious Travel

Think you’ll find leprechauns in Ireland? Think again. Despite what the world may think, Ireland doesn’t have any little green men, nor does it have a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Whether it’s your first or tenth time in Ireland, avoid these common misconceptions! 1. The Irish drink all the time […]

Ireland Travel – Your Top 13 FAQs

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We’ve received over a dozen requests for Ireland over the last few weeks, along with a number of general questions. Here are the answers to the top 13 commonly asked questions we’ve received. How is the weather? Get the rundown on Ireland’s climate and seasons here. How populated is Ireland? Ireland’s population as of 2016 is […]

Falconry in Ireland

If you have always been interested in the sport of Falconry – especially that which goes on in Ireland – or if you have heard of it but not quite sure what it entails, then the following information should help to clear things up. What is Falconry? The dictionary describes Falconry as, “the sport of […]

Castles and Manor Houses

Have you ever dreamed of staying in castles? Can You do that? Don’t you have to be a King or a Queen or something? Or at least a Lord to stay in a manor house? There are castles and manor houses all over Europe that have rooms available for tourists wanting to indulge in a […]

Visiting the Land of the Celts

What is a Celt? The Celts are one of the ancient races of the world, tracing their origins to before written history, somewhere in Eastern Europe. By 500 BC the Celtic world stretched from Ireland and Scotland in the West to Russia in the East and down to the Mediterranean. By the fourth century BC, […]

Upcoming Literary Trips

Last week we told you about our upcoming trip A Jane Austen Tour:  Seascapes and Landscapes with authors Syrie James and Laurel Ann Natress taking place this September. We want you to know about two other literary trips we have coming up as well. Author Erin McCarthy’s Speed Reader Weekend is taking place June 28 […]

Literary Dublin

Just finished reading Karen Marie Moning’s, ICED, which takes place in Dublin, Ireland. So much history, culture and folklore: Celts, and Druids and Faeries oh my! Oh Dublin, how I want to visit thee! This got me thinking…if you go to Dublin, what are the top five literary things you should do/see/experience while there? 1. […]

Calling all Notre Dame Vs. Navy Fans!

How would you like to see the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and Navy go head-to-head in the Emerald Isle Classic on Monday, September 1st, in Ireland? Fans, we have a stellar package for you, including round trip airfare!   For the game: Two nights at the luxurious Lyrath Estate in Klkenny Club tickets to […]