Falconry in Ireland | Igenious TravelIf you have always been interested in the sport of Falconry – especially that which goes on in Ireland – or if you have heard of it but not quite sure what it entails, then the following information should help to clear things up.

What is Falconry?

The dictionary describes Falconry as, “the sport of hunting with falcons, hawks, eagles, etc. or the art of training hawks to hunt”. In other words, an individual (Falconer) pairs up with a type of bird mentioned just before in order to hunt together. Another definition defines it as, “the art or sport of taking wild quarry in its natural state or habitat using trained hawks or falcons”.

The History

Falconry is thought to have originated in the east, most likely in Korea and around the time of 2,000 B.C. It then spread throughout China and Japan before the sport caught on in parts of Persia and eventually made its way to Medieval Europe.

Today, it is considered to be the fastest growing country pursuit in both Europe and North America. In Ireland, it not only has a long and unique history but it is also thriving in today’s society.

How You Can Experience Falconry in Ireland

If this subject is one that intrigues you and you are either living or planning to head to the beautiful country of Ireland in the near future, then being able to experience Falconry first hand is a definite possibility. There are several great programs that allow visitors and guests to get an up close and personal involvement with local Falconers and birds of prey within their grounds. You can choose from various activities and decide which you are most comfortable with while there. Not only is it a great opportunity to experience a hands on chance of a lifetime but it also allows for you to learn and gain more knowledge about Falconry in Ireland as well.

This is a great opportunity for either couples, families with grown children and even a corporate event that wants to come together as a team and experience something unlike any other. A typical day at a Falconry establishment will consist of a brief overview of the property and the history of the sport itself followed by a fantastic falcon show, allowing the Falconers to show off these magnificent birds of prey. Next, you will most likely get to handle and fly them yourself for up to one or two hours. Get the chance to be in the presence and team up with these incredible birds and experience a truly unique opportunity of a lifetime while in Ireland!

It’s time for you to get up close and personal with these magnificent birds! Contact us today to arrange your falconry experience!

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