When one speaks of Bordeaux, what immediately comes to mind are the scenic countryside and its sprawling vineyards, elegant wine cellars, and lovely chateaus of this beautiful part of France.

Even if you do not care for any of these and would prefer a destination with a bubbly art, music, and culture scene, you will be pleasantly surprised that the city of Bordeaux is still a perfect fit for you. You don’t have to tour the wineries to enjoy your stay in the area. All you have to do is to stay within the city center and you can be sure to have a great time exploring the stylish metropolitan atmosphere.

It is easy to visit Bordeaux from various parts of France. Direct flights are available but trains and buses are more practical and provide a more scenic journey to the city. Those who are coming from the romantic City of Lights (Paris), can just hop on a train and be there in just about three hours. You also do not have to worry about scheduling your trip because you can just catch any of the 25 daily trains leaving Paris for Bordeaux’s Gare Saint Jean main train station.

From the station, don’t bother taking a taxi because buses will take you straight to the town center where the action is. Once you get to the city center, you can just walk your way around the many sights and attractions. You can also rent a bike if you want to cover more area in a shorter time. Also, don’t miss taking a scenic ferry ride on Le Bus du Fleuve to get to the eastern part of the city from the west or vice versa – the bonus is you can just use a standard bus ticket for this trip.

It is best to base yourself in a part of the city that offers most of what you are interested in. If you love to party and enjoy a good nightlife scene, then you would be best served by staying in La Victoire where many young people are. It is a university area and you can be sure to find the place, and its many bars, alive and vibrant come nighttime.

Although there is not much to see during the day, except for the impressive architecture of Pharmacy University and the historical Victory Arch, you are just minutes away by foot from the pedestrian center where great shopping awaits. La Victoire is located west of the railway station and you can get there by way of a very short bus ride or a tram. You can also get there on foot, which should take only about 20 minutes at most.

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If you want to be where the best scenery is, then head to Les Quais. It is located at the old harbor, north of the railway station. It has the most to offer visitors in terms of sights and attractions. Take the ferry to get close to the splendid Aquitaine bridge; you can also take a bus to cross the bridge if you want to see it from a different perspective. The area is also perfect for lazy strolls along the picturesque banks of the Garonne River.

It is easy to get to Quinconces Square from Le Quais on foot. The square is the largest in Europe and provides wonderful views of the river below. It is an atmospheric area featuring two gorgeous fountains and historic monuments. The place comes alive in the summer when it is transformed into a vibrant venue for carnivals and concerts.  You can also take a walk northwest to the green lung of the city, Jardin Public. It is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center and simply relax amidst verdant surroundings.

Finally, don’t miss the gorgeous rich district of Gambetta Square, whose charms are likened to that of Paris. There are also plenty of churches in the area like the 13th century St. Andre Cathedral that will surely impress if you are a big architecture fan. Art aficionados will also delight in what Musee des Beaux Arts and Musee DíAquitaine have to offer. Surely, you will not find it difficult to find exciting things to do in Bordeaux in addition to indulging (or not) in its famous wines.

Bordeaux is a wonderful place to visit, by land or river. If Bordeaux is on your must travel list for 2021 or 2022, now is the time to book, especially if you want to visit by river. Contact us today to get more information on visiting this truly alluring area of France.

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