Going on a trip with a group is a wonderful way to travel. You’ll always have someone to explore with, you get to see things as a group you might not get to on your own, it’s safer to travel in numbers, and each person in the group will bring a different perspective to the experience. For these reasons alone, the idea of hosting a group trip often comes up as a good idea for families, friends, and even companies looking to host retreats.

If you decide to do a big trip as a group however, it’s no secret that it can be a little overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re the one putting it together. With that in mind, here’s a step-by-step checklist you can use to take the stress out of hosting a group trip:

Step 1- Decide where you want to travel to, and when you want to go.

Your best bet will be to initially come up with three options for the vacation as well as three separate times to go on the vacation. This is one of the perks of being the group organizer. Because you are setting the whole thing in motion, you can pick places you want to go and times that you are available.

Step 2- Consider the people you want on your group trip.

Will this group getaway be for business or pleasure? If it’s pleasure only, will this event limited to friends, family or a combination of the two? Or is this more about inviting people that you have common interests with, such as a networking/hobby/wine club/golf trip?

Step 3- Now it’s time to poll your intended travel group about the trip with a simple email and Google form.

Use Google forms, or a free site like survey monkey, to create a poll for your group. In the poll present the three options for trip destination and the three options for when to go. Majority rules!

Step 4- Call your travel agent at Ingenious Travel and discuss.

As soon as a general consensus comes together for the destination and time, it’s time to bring your travel agent on board to help you set up the trip. This will help you determine the exact costs and critical information you will need for everyone that is going.

Step 5- Once the details are lined up, invite everyone on the trip.

Invite everyone and let them know when the trip will take place and how much everything will cost. This is when people can get serious about whether or not they are joining in the fun.

At this point, you will want to do yourself a favor and hand over the reigns to your travel agent. Sure, you could handle the money and all the details, but do you really want the added time and energy on your plate?

Note: Let your agent know if your group will be doing activities together on the trip. If so, you may qualify for additional group benefits for attractions, transportation, hotel accomodations, etc…

Step 6- Book the trip.

Once everyone has ponied up the dough, your agent can book the trip and send out the itinerary. Remember, Ingenious Travel can keep your group members up to date on flight times and things like that, but it’s up to you to tell them what times and dates you want to meet up collectively at the destination.

Step 7- All that’s left now is to enjoy the trip. Safe travels!

A group trip doesn’t have to be stressful. That’s why having Ingenious Travel on board is such a good idea for your group getaways. To learn more about group travel, or to plan the perfect escape, call us today at 888.695.0321

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