The Titanic is perhaps the most famous ship to ever sink. Movies and books have been written about it, and it truly changed the game in terms of what it takes for a cruise ship (or any ship ofr that matter) to be considered safe for the passengers aboard it. The city of Belfast in Northern Ireland is the city where this famous ship was built, and visiting it is one of the most educational, and eye-opening experiences one could have.

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The Titanic Experience

Titanic Belfast is the world’s largest Titanic visitor experiences. This award winning visitor center offers nine interactive galleries by which to explore the Titanic. You can explore the shipyard where the ship was built, view full-scale reconstructions of the state-rooms, and see replications of artifacts from the ships including their White Star China, launch day tickets and even the menu for the last luncheon.

Titanic | Ingenious Travel
Sunday Afternoon Tea – Titanic Style

One recommended experience while at Titanic Belfast is enjoy Sunday Afternoon Tea. Step back in time, and immerse yourself in the luxurious setting of the Titanic Suite. The room features a replica of the stunning Titanic staircase, and exudes the 5-star elegance Titanic was known for.

Titanic | Ingenious Travel

Where to Stay – The Titanic Hotel of Course!

In September 2017 the world’s most authentic Titanic hotel opened its doors in the heart of the Titanic Quarter. The hotel has 119 luxury rooms, with an Art Deco maritime inspiration. The suites include touches from the White Star Line Ships built by Harland & Wolff – the folks who built the Titanic.

What else is there to do in Belfast?

While the Titanic Experience is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction of the area, additional things to do in Belfast include, but aren’t limited to:

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