Here at Ingenious Travel, we’ve always defined our “niche” as luxury travel, but I’ve found that this means different things to different people.

There are some people to whom “luxury” means gilded walls, gold chandeliers, velvet covered furniture… and of course a hefty price tag. That’s not how we define luxury, and it’s not what most of our luxury travelers are looking for when it comes to their vacation.

We tend to focus more on exceptional, authentic experiences, a high level of service and hospitality, and a focus on comfort and convenience. Each client’s experience is customized and personalized to their wants, needs, and expectations. Moreover, we don’t focus solely on price because “more expensive” doesn’t always mean “better.” We look at the value rather than the price when evaluating travel experiences.

While it’s true that most of our clients book exclusive cabins and high-end suites, that isn’t the case for every vacationer. We also have clients who are less selective when it comes to accommodations and choose to focus instead on activities, experiences, and dining options for their vacation.

When we work with you to plan your vacation, we strive to make sure that you feel taken care of, safe, and valued every step of the way. It starts with the personalized vacation consultation where we’ll go over what you are looking for, continues throughout the planning process, during your travel, and even extends to our post-vacation check in once you have returned home. We carefully select our travel partners to be sure that they share our same commitment to personal service and care.

We also take great care in making your vacation plans unique. Bespoke travel planning if you will. You won’t find cookie-cutter itineraries and tours here. We review each piece of your itinerary, and we triple-check each and every detail.

A luxury vacation should include authentic experiences that allow you to truly connect with the culture and the heart of the people in your destination. Maybe it’s a cooking class in the home of an Italian grandmother, a behind-the-scenes tour of a winery followed by a private tasting hosted by the owner, or an after-hours private closed-door shopping experience with a personal shopper helping you to select the perfect pieces to bring back home.

Hotel and resort selections are made with comfort and convenience in mind as well. Whether you prefer smaller, boutique hotels or larger resorts with a variety of amenities, the local connections we have cultivated with our years of experience allow us to not only recommend the perfect option, but we are often able to connect directly with the owner or general manager to request that you receive VIP treatment upon your arrival. Sometimes this may include a room upgrade should one be available, a bottle of chilled champagne and strawberries sent to your room, complimentary breakfast, or conveniences such as a late check out to give you more time to relax on your departure day.

Your needs will always be anticipated and taken care of before you even realize they exist. A private car and driver, “skip the line” tickets purchased in advance, VIP access to events and attractions, requests confirmed personally with hotels and restaurants, dining recommendations for each stop on your itinerary, an after-hours phone number to call should you encounter any emergencies… these are all essential services we provide for our clients.

More and more often our clients are also interested in making sure that the destinations and vendors we select for their vacation are environmentally friendly. Many of our travel partners share a commitment to conservation and sustainability.

No matter what you are looking for in your vacation, you can rest assured that we will ensure that you receive the highest level of service from our agency and our travel partners. We are dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable experience each time you travel with us. Creating the ideal vacation for you is our passion! Contact us today so we know where can we send you next?

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