Understanding Hotel Ratings

In most travelers’ pursuit for a balance between budget and luxury, extensive research on hotel accommodations is usually an indispensable task during the planning stage. This is made easy by a wide-array of online resources such as hotel websites, user reviews, and professional reviews. Since self-serving proclamations and photo galleries on a hotel’s website are […]

Hotel Etiquette

After spending last week in two hotels, I’m thinking everyone can use a short refresher on hotel etiquette, some more than others. The hotel room is not your home When you stay in a hotel room, clean up after yourself. It is not housekeeping’s responsibility to put things away for you. They provide a wonderful […]

Do You Pay For Wi-Fi Access In Your Hotel Room When You Travel?

Maybe the better question would be should you pay for Wi-Fi access in your hotel room. How much time do you spend in your hotel room anyway? And during that time, how much of it is spent online? Msnbc.com’s article “Hotels pinched by tech-savvy guests,” confirms something many travelers already do…use our smartphones to connect […]