After spending last week in two hotels, I’m thinking everyone can use a short refresher on hotel etiquette, some more than others.

The hotel room is not your home When you stay in a hotel room, clean up after yourself. It is not housekeeping’s responsibility to put things away for you. They provide a wonderful service of straightening up your room (making the beds, delivering fresh towels, etc.), not folding your clothes or throwing out your garbage.

Walls are thin Keep your noise level in check. Your schedule may not be the same as your hotel neighbors and that needs to be respected. Being loud when coming in late or leaving early can wake those staying in the rooms next to you.

Complementary breakfasts Just because a breakfast is included with your hotel stay doesn’t mean you pile your plate. Be reasonable with what you take. It’s okay to take seconds if you’re still hungry, but it’s not the place to gorge yourself. And, it’s not okay to stock-pile for later.

Remember your manners Hopefully you were taught to say please and thank you while growing up. You may find the hotel staff more accommodating if they find you friendly and courteous.

Tip the staff The hotel staff is providing you with a service. Most staff members earn minimum wage and are doing things you don’t want to do or for you so you don’t have to. (Refer back to our post on how much to tip for suggested amounts.)

Again, these are just a few refresher points on hotel etiquette. Put yourself in the place of hotel staff and other guests before acting.  Remember the Golden Rule, it applies here as well.

What have been your hotel experiences?



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  1. Great post! I’m always amazed at how many people seem to have forgotten basic manners these days. I’ve always thought that people in service professions much have the patience of saints to put up with some of the things that they do.

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