Are you interested in your family history?  One of the biggest trends emerging for this year’s travel scene are custom designed trips letting you explore your roots by visiting the places where your family came from.  Interest in this type of family vacation that combines great adventure with education has been sparked by the hit NBC television show “Who Do You Think You Are?”    Visiting Civil War sites is also becoming very popular with Baby Boomers, with some sites giving them the opportunity to actually dress the part while they tour the battlefields.

Cruising is becoming more popular as more and more cruise companies are updating their accommodations in order to appeal to people who have not yet taken a cruise because they prefer the more luxurious options provided by high end hotels.  And of course, one of the biggest trends in travel this year is going to be heading to London to enjoy the 2o12 Summer Olympics.

And happily for me, more and more people are now turning to travel agents to create their dream vacation for them.   After years of fighting through more and more complex and confusing web booking processes, today’s traveler has re-discovered the joy of being able to speak to somebody who can provide them with their perfect vacation, leaving them eager to get going rather than exhausted from the process of having to hunt for deals, purchase tickets and book hotel rooms.   So if you are already thinking about where to go this year, give me a call and let me create the vacation of your dreams for you!

What dream vacation can I create for you today?

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