Theme River Cruises | Ingenious TravelWhether you have been on a themed river cruise before or are contemplating on heading out on your very first one, you should know that there are plenty of great options out there to choose from. If you are debating what types are available or which one would best suite your preferences, consider the following…

Christmas Theme

Make this Christmas the most special one yet by heading out on a Christmas themed river cruise through some of the best parts of Europe. Imagine cruising through France, Germany or Austria and stopping off at each inviting town to explore the many Christmas markets. This seems to be a favorite amongst those who want to spend the holidays in a unique and unforgettable way.

Food & Wine Theme

For lovers of both food and wine, this would be the absolute best choice and guaranteed to have you enjoying some of the best of both worlds for up to two weeks on board a fantastic vessel. Some of the most popular regions to explore are France and Italy although there are some options throughout the US as well that take you through wine countries of the Lower Mississippi River.

Civil War Theme

For those interested in learning and gaining more extended knowledge of the history of the Civil War, this type of themed river cruise is a great option. Exploring the Eastern states of Alabama, Tennessee and Louisiana amongst others is an incredibly eye opening experience to see how and why the Civil War took place not so long ago.

Music Theme

The great thing about the music themed river cruises is that they take place all throughout the world in places like Budapest, Prague, Austria, Canada and the Southern United States amongst several others. If it is music you are in search of, then any and all of the before mentioned options would be able to give you a true experience of a lifetime.

Golf Theme

Don’t want to give up your golf game to visit Europe? You don’t have to. There are river cruises that offer golf themed cruising. Where you’ll be joined by a local golf pro, have arranged tee times, and include round trip transportation to the golf course.

What would be an ideal theme for your river cruise? Let us know in the comments below. Read to book your river cruise, contact us today!

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