If you found  cruise tickets in your stocking this year, here are some quick tips and things to remember as you get ready to enjoy your very special gift from ‘Santa’.

Check out the dress code of the ship.  Yes, while the rest of the world has gone casual, some cruise ships still do have dress codes.  And some of them won’t seat you for dinner if you arrive under dressed.  Your best bet is to check online or talk with your travel agent about your individual cruise ships dress requirements.

Pack efficiently – Ship cabins are about half the size of a normal hotel room and do not have a lot of extra storage space.  Taking additional accessories to change the look of an evening dress is a much better option space wise than trying to pack every evening dress you own.

Check on the personal amenities – Chances are there will be no iron in your room as they are considered a fire hazard.  And you won’t be allowed to bring your travel iron with you.  Some of the larger lines have separate ironing rooms and laundry facilities.  On the upside, most cruise lines provide soap, shampoo, assorted other toiletries, beach towels and hair dryers so you can save valuable luggage space for other things.  Or better still; be able to leave that extra suitcase behind all together.  Check with your travel agent if you have any questions as to the amenities your ship will offer.  Chances are she either already knows this information or can get it for you quickly.

Anticipate the add-ons – Nearly every cruise has extras that are not included in the cost of the ticket.  Beverages, excursions ashore and even internet use can add up quickly and catch you off guard.   Make sure to find out what in and isn’t included in your fare and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  And one thing to remember, bring extra cash with you.  While most ships have ATM service, there is a large surcharge for each transition.

Stay Tuned, I’ve got more cruise tips for you next time.

What kind of a cruise would you like to to take?

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