With air travel getting more and more complex, more and more people are looking at alternatives on how to get to their final vacation destination with a little more comfort and ease.  And what could be better than taking a train trip.

A hundred years ago if you were traveling from one spot to the other in the Continental United States, you took a train.   Today, train travel is having resurgence, not only because of the expense of air travel, but because of the fabulous trip packages that railways are now offering.   Everything from a trip through New England to view the gorgeous fall foliage to taking a trip to Arizona from Chicago  to view Spring Training that not only includes a great scenic ride including the Grand Canyon, but reserved seats to root for either the Cubs or White Soxs during their spring training.   There are literally dozens of guided train tours around the entire country.

Train travel has taken a huge step forward in comfort as well.  The new seats are large and roomy.  The dining cars offer you excellent meal choices.  The lounge cars offer movies as well as a fully stocked bar and great seating space.  You can even choose to experience train travel like your great grandparents did.  Some train lines offer the great experience of traveling in a fully restored vintage car that also offers the most modern conveniences to today’s traveler.

So what are you waiting for?  Let Ingenious Travel create the perfect Railroad Vacation for you today!

Have you ever taken a train vacation?  Where did you go?

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