bigstock-oops-error-or-mistake-making-m-42061855Let’s face it, travel mistakes happen.

Unfortunately, some of these can be very frustrating and/or expensive. Here are 5 common travel mistakes you don’t want to make.

  1. Not Leaving Enough Time Between Connecting Flights
    If you have to take a connecting flight to reach your destination, remember to allow a 1-2 hour window between the flights. You never know what might happen to cause a flight delay: a maintenance issue, weather, the airline forgetting to schedule a crew (this has happened to me!), etc. Waiting at the airport might seem like a drag, but missing your connecting flight is far worse. If you must catch a connection with a shorter window, use the same airline all the way through.
  2. Over-packing
    Only bring what you need. You’re the one who has to haul it around with you. Having to carry too much can make you tired and sore. If you forget something, you should be able to buy it when you get to your destination, especially if you’re traveling domestically. Over packing can lead to an over-the-weight-limit fee, usually $50. (Do you really want to give the airlines more money?) And remember to leave some extra space for shopping and souvenirs!
  3. Over Scheduling your Itinerary
    Tying to do or see too much while traveling can be exhausting and make your trip less enjoyable. Be sure to include some down time so you can relax and recharge. This is especially important if you’re getting to sleep late and getting up early. The idea of a vacation is to relax and enjoy. By craming your itinerary, you are simply defeating the purpose.
  4. Not Budgeting Appropriately
    Being in a foreign country without money is a scary thought. One of the biggest drawbacks of under budgeting is that you will spend way too much time in maintaining your budget and less time actually enjoy your trip. Plan an extra 20% into your budget for unforeseen expenses. Remember, just because you have the extra money doesn’t mean you have to spend it!
  5. Carry-on Your Valuables
    Unfortunately we’ve recently seen some baggage handlers being less than honest. Remember to keep your valuables with you and not in your suitcase. Keep in mind, some airlines have limited overhead space and the suitcase you thought you could carry on may have to be checked. Be sure you remove any valuables and medications you have with you and put them in the “personal item” you’re allowed to carry on (purse, tote bag, computer case, etc.)

I’m guilty of over packing. Sometimes it’s just hard to know what you’ll feel like wearing. I also pack too many gadgets. Not only do they take up room, you have to pack the cords. Are you guilty of any of these? Share in the comments below.

Here’s to a smooth trip the next time you travel!

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  1. Oh yeah! I’m guilty of overpacking too. Even when all I need is a couple pairs of black pants and a few tops. One thing, since I don’t pack heavy, is that I have a couple of suitcases that have zippers for expansion. I don’t use that extra room when leaving home. So I can use it on the way home for things I acquire on the trip.

  2. You make great points! I would only take issue with the first – time between flights is not our decision. Maybe it’s because my travel is 99% international and the connections seemed to be set in stone! I usually have to “run” to the next connection…. or wait a half a day! sheesh! great job!! P

  3. I either over-pack or under-pack. Seems like there’s no happy medium! I always carry my valuables (including my prescription meds) with me. And one of my biggest nightmares is not having enough time to get to connecting flights. Makes me shudder to think about it!

  4. I am guilty of all of them and I will add one more. not checking the date of the ticket: 3 of us were supposed to fly to Costa Rica at 12 midnight and we showed up at the airport one day too late at midnight, because I mixed up the date. It was an almost full flight, but we were lucky and still got on. Overscheduling is a bad one too, because it’s hard to enjoy when stressed out. Over-packing is very annoying, to have to haul lots of stuff around.

  5. OMG.. I was flying to LA from VA and decided that first in the am was best… well, it is.. but not when the alarm clock isn’t sooooo loud that you can hear it. I missed that flight… did somehow get on one to be stand by all day… and it took at day.. but man, that could have been easier. Note to self… don’t do first thing in am if you are staying up late to pack. a no no! lol

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