A couple weeks ago we traveled to Michigan for the Detroit Tigers home opener.  Like any spring, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Opening day was no exception…rain and 45 degrees. But that didn’t detour Tigers fans. They are used to sun and/or snow for the big day and came out in droves to support their baseball team and kick off the new season. And talk about loyal fans, we met fans who came in from Ontario, Canada; Ohio, Indiana, and as far south as Florida.

We spoke to a number of fans and asked which ballparks they would like to visit and watch the Tigers play in while on the road this season. Their answers varied from Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park in the east to Safeco Field and Angels Stadium in the west. With the season just starting, there’s no reason they can’t see them all!

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Which team would you like to see play on the road and in which stadium? Please comment below.





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