Brussels Kriek Beer |Ingenious TravelRenowned for being the capital of Belgium, Brussels is a very beautiful destination for all including beer aficionados. It is pretty easy to reach from any place, whether you’re coming by road, air or rail. In Belgium, beer is not only considered a frothy beer but also a culture. There are over 450 different varieties of beer. Some of these beer brands have customized beer glasses in which only a particular type of beer is served. Each of these glasses are designed to enhance the flavor of the beer. Belgians are well known for taking beer seriously. Due to its real flavor, variety and character, connoisseurs visit from different parts of the world to enjoy purely refined Belgian beers.

After a day of exploring fascinating places, tourists can relax in any of the local cafés to enjoy some chocolate with their favorite brew. Brussels is one of the most fascinating and happening cities in Belgium. Brussels is a place to experience diverse pleasure and sublime sourness of Lambic beers in Belgium. With over 1 million people, Brussels is the largest city in Belgium and home to variety of bars, cafés and entertainment venues serving the most refined of Belgian beers. Here you’ll find beer makers producing various kinds of beer styles. Visitors can take a beer tour of the city. Venerable breweries such as Brasserie Cantillon in the south-west of the city and Brewer’s House, which houses a museum dedicated to Belgian beer, offer amazing tours.

Many of these amazing beer sites can be found around the Grande Place, one of the most beautiful squares in the country. As a beer lover and first timer in Brussels, it is highly recommended to book hotels close to the main square popularly known as Grande Place, as there are lots of beer locations within a few minutes walk of each other for everyone. In Brussels, there are many breweries and beer styles including geuze, brown, lambic, white, chocolate, cherry beer and much more, making it a top destination for beer connoisseurs. Considered the most popular and favorite beer Belgian beer, the Lambic beer is made using an ancient brewing styles, relying on spontaneous fermentation to produce a bone-dry, great tasting drink. This beer is specific to the Brussels area. The city has more than enough to offer beer lovers, but in order to find the best of Belgian beer location, you may need the guiding hand of a local.

If you’re a beer connoisseur, Brussels is a must visit on your travel list. Let us help you make that visit a reality. Contact us today!

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