Thomas QuineTheme cruises are nothing new; they’ve been around for years.  Everybody’s heard about Singles Cruises, Casino Cruises, and Holiday Cruises.   But did you know you can also take a cruise specially designed for Scrapbookers?  You can.  These days, you can take a cruise geared towards almost anything you can imagine.  Just think about the great girlfriends getaway taking a theme cruise would be.

Do you and your girlfriends enjoy gardening?  A number of cruise lines offer cruises geared towards gardeners covering everything from creating a gorgeous garden to putting together fabulous floral arrangements.   From Antiques to dance to photography, there is a cruise out there for just about any hobby or interest you can possible imagine.  You can also take a cruise to learn something new.  There are a number of cruises devoted to learning ballroom dancing, cooking and wine tasting.  Or how about a cruise giving you the chance to meet with your favorite author?  Book club cruises are becoming very popular and a number of them also include the opportunity to spend time with the author.

So don’t let your next girlfriend getaway be limited to dry land.  Let Ingenious Travel help you put together an unforgettable cruise getaway!

What would be your ideal theme cruise?

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  1. OK, you’ve officially made me want to go on another cruise! I love the idea of theme cruises although I’ve never been on one. My sister-in-law has been on the scrapbooking cruise! LOL There is a wonderful internet marketers cruise every year in January and I would love to hop on that one some day. Thanks for putting this in the forefront of my thinking!!

  2. I was at a conference this weekend where they promoted a cruise for Internet Marketers, together with their families and friends. Several top “gurus” will be on board (paying their way like everyone else) and totally available over the 7-day, 3-island Caribbean cruise, along with 400 other marketers. The idea is to make it a genuine “power networking” theme …

  3. A cruise sounds like so much fun. One of these days. . . I’d love to go on a cruise where I got to spend lots of time with my camera–Alaska is definitely on my list–especially with some extra photo tours in the deal.

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