If you are hoping to make some fun traveling plans for this coming year but haven’t quite narrowed down your options to where you want to go, consider keeping in mind these following destinations that should definitely be on your radar for 2016…

Cabo | Ingenious Travel

Los Cabos

Although Los Cabos was severely impacted by Hurricane Odile a little over one year ago, the area has bounced back incredibly and is now offering even more for guests than before. There plan to be over 2,500 new hotel rooms spread across multiple resorts including The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, JW Marriot, Park Hyatt, Hard Rock Hotel and Le Blanc amongst several others. With an abundance of new hotels springing up, Los Cabos is undoubtedly a fantastic travel destination for 2016.

Cuba | Ingenious Travel


With immense growth, revealing of new changes and an ever-increasing positive relation with the U.S., Cuba is quickly becoming the place to head to for a fun and beautiful vacation. If you are in search of luxurious hotels, fantastic shopping, pristine beaches and endless fun activities to take part in, then Cuba is undoubtedly the place to head to. The embassy has now been reopened and it won’t be long before travelers start catching on to this incredible destination.

Iceland | Ingenious Travel


With unbeatable deals from both the U.S. and the Europe mainland, you simply cannot go wrong in making your way to Reykjavik, Iceland this coming year. A perfect destination for adventurers looking to hit the slopes, hike the mountains and take in the abundance of pure natural beauty, Iceland continues to prove each year, and especially this coming year of 2016 why so many people should come and explore its great lands.

Sri Lanka | Ingenious Travel

Sri Lanka

A place filled with lush rainforests, ancient temples, picturesque mountains, inviting little villages and towns and nearly endless beaches that make up this small island, what more could you possibly want? It continues to prove just as to why this is a fantastic destination for all travelers including solo, couple and families.

What destination is on your travel list for 2016? Share in the comments below.

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