Yogi Berra holds two World Series Records, having the most appearances, 14 and having the most wins at 10.  He also holds the records for the most hits at 71 for all the series he appeared in, 1947-1963.

Mickey Mantle holds several records for his World Series appearances between the years of 1951 and 1964.  They are:

The youngest player to be in a World Series game was Fred Lindstrom for the NYG in 1924.  He was just shy of his 19th birthday.

Whitey Ford holds three records from his appearances between 1950 and 1964

Lonnie Smith made the most appearances on different teams in the World Series with 4, PHI, STL, KC, ATL.

George Pipgras of the NYY has the most strike outs as a batter (5) in one game in 1932.

Dal Maxvill appeared at bat 22 times during the 1968 World Series for STL without a hit.

Don Larson is the record holder of the only perfect game in the history of the World Series.  He was playing for NYY in 1956 at the time.

Jim Palmer is the youngest pitcher on record to have thrown a complete-game shutout.  He turned 21 just 7 days after doing so while playing for BAL in 1966.

The record for the most consecutive strikeouts (5) at the start of a game is a tie between Mort Cooper, STL in 1943 and Sandy Koufax, LAD in 1963.

And the only pitcher to ever pitch in seven games during the series is Darold Knowles, OAK in 1973


What’s your favorite World Series Moment?

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