Exotic Travevl | Ingenious TravelAn exotic vacation means different things to different people. For some, it means a trip to a hot destination like Tahiti or the Seychelles. For others, it’s an adventure trip with nonstop thrills like sky diving and riding an ATV off the coast of Maui. An exotic vacation may entail lots of different and exciting activities that you would not have the chance to enjoy otherwise, but regardless of what you’re doing and where you’re going there are definitely some things you can do to make your exotic travel experience an easier one.

First and foremost, hire Ingenious Travel! When you hire a travel agent to handle all of your travel needs, your trip instantly becomes much more exciting and easier to plan because all of the legwork is handled for you! We can come up with an itinerary that suits your needs perfectly, and we can help you stay within your budget.

Second, figure out what exotic means to you. Sometimes answering the question of what the best places and activities of a given destination can prove difficult, and varies from person to person. One person might want to climb scenic peaks by morning, look for sea turtle eggs on the beach at lunch and go on a zip line tour in the afternoon. This may be great for them, but what if you would prefer something not quite so strenuous or perhaps a little cheaper? To know your trip goals ahead of time and the goals of your travel companions will better help you design the perfect trip.

Don’t go in blindly. By this I mean don’t just choose a destination based on a brochure. Ask us, your travel agents about the areas you are considering. We can tell you about guided tours, historic sites, and about areas that you otherwise would not have a chance to see and experience.

Try the food! As you are enjoying your precious vacation time, the food in virtually every place is something you should not pass up. Sometimes this an exotic experience in and of itself. For example, you might not have the change to order authentic Jerk chicken outside of the Caribbean but when you are on the islands, there’s nothing quite like the real thing.

Get into the heart of what makes the place an exotic destination. Scenery outside of your usual surroundings is generally unbeatable in exotic destinations. Don’t stay just at the hotel and only hang out on their beach. Ask us about the best places to hike, and explore and really see your destination. Visit the national parks, witness the protected wildlife, take in the flora and fauna- this is your time to be one with the unknown. You may never get the chance to visit this exact destination again, so wouldn’t you rather leave with a head filled with stories than a mind filled with regret about what you could have done, but didn’t?

Last, but not least, learn a little of the language before you go. This will help you have an easier time communicating with the locals, and enjoying yourself. Besides, if nothing else, by learning some of the local language you’ll be better able to haggle while shopping, figure out your way around town faster and understand the menu at your local restaurants.

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