Via Dante Milan | Ingenious TravelMilan may not be the perfect place to experience the best of Italian culture, architecture and history but it certainly is a great destination for fashionable tourists who love to shop and enjoy a fabulous nightlife.

Milan houses some of the most famous and in-demand fashion houses in the world, and it is not impossible to rub shoulders with the rich and famous when you are out and about combing the city for the best fashion finds. Since Milan is more famous for its shops than for its historical offerings, a trip to the city is not complete without taking a look at some of the most popular shopping destinations in the area.

Top on the list is Via Dante. If pedestrian traffic is any indicator of Dante’s popularity status among all of Milan’s high streets of fashion, then many would claim that the bustling thoroughfare is the fashion capital of the city, if not of the entire country.

Via Dante is not only the most visited in the city, it is also the most ostentatious. Begin from Piazzale Cordusio and you can get lost in shopping haven all the way to Largo Cairoli. You will not only find elegant and luxurious shops, boutiques and retail stores in the long stretch of Dante but you will also get entertained along the way by street artists and performers.

Restaurants and al-fresco cafes also line the streets to serve the tired shopping hounds and the plain curious ambler. While in the area, don’t miss the impressive Sforzesco Castle at the end of Largo Cairoli and the several Milanese palaces along the way. You will also come across Piccolo Teatro if you are interested in catching a riveted performance at the end of your shopping jaunt.

Of course, you can’t miss Corso Bueno Aires – one of the longest shopping streets in Europe. You can spend the entire day, even an entire week, exploring the hundreds of shops located in the area. Think of a popular brand and you can be sure to find an outlet along the way.Dior - Monte Napoleone | Ingenious Travel

Another popular shopping destination in Milan is Via Montenapoleone which also features some of the most lucrative and trendiest names in the fashion industry. It also contains some jewelry shops if you are also planning to bag some pricey baubles along the way. Check out the nearby Corso di Porto Venezia for a look at some of the city’s finest villas, historical palazzi and interesting museums. It is also home to the verdant park of Giardini Pubblici, which offers a much needed respite from the strain of your retail adventure.

There is also Corso Vittorio Emanuele where you will find a plethora of top brand retail stores, designer boutiques, and gigantic shopping centers. It is also located very near Piazza del Duomo making it a convenient stop if you are exploring the city in a hurry.

Finally, if you want a smaller area to cover, then the lovely and chic little cobblestone street of Via della Spiga is a perfect choice for you. It can’t compare to the former fashion high streets in size and number of choices but it is a picturesque little haven for those on the hunt for almost all luxury brands in a pretty little place. A good landmark for getting there is the MM1 San Babila because it is just a stones throw away from this metro stop.  Happy shopping!

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