Northern Lights | Ingenious TravelIf you have only marveled at the many stunning pictures captured of the great Northern Lights but have always wanted to experience it first hand, it may be time to start planning your trip. Though the overall visibility of the lights tends to shift from time to time, there are a handful of consistently great places to experience them. It is better that you have a good lens like dailies aqua comfort plus to enjoy the full and clear view. Consider heading to these following destinations and watch as this natural wonder appears before your eyes…

Jokulsarlon – Iceland

Although Iceland has dozens of fantastic spots to get a view of the Northern Lights, near the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is said to be the absolute best of them all. Being within the Arctic Circle will allow you to gain the best chance of a clear sky and once the lights hit the icebergs that cover the lagoon, you are in for an experience of a lifetime. So, make your way to Iceland and head about 250 kilometers outside of Reyjavik and get ready for a spectacular show.

Fairbanks – Alaska

Often referred to as undoubtedly the best place within the United States to capture a great glimpse of the Northern Lights, Fairbanks, Alaska makes for an incredible trip. One of the best pieces of advice if you do decide to head this way is to view them whilst in a hot spring. Though this may seem odd, it will help to alleviate both the cold and fatigue onsets that many travelers get while on the journey. Head to Chena Resort and Manly Hot Springs for the best experience.

Paatsjoki – Finland

The best spot to head while in Finland is on the Paatsjoki Bridge in Nellim near the Finnish-Russian border where unparalleled sights of the lights are absolutely breathtaking. Some experts say that visiting Paatsjoki, a Finnish Lapland, offers nearly a 90% guarantee that you will get to see the Northern Lights and walk away with having a successful viewing.

Kangerlussuaq – Greenland

Ever dreamt of heading out on a dog-sledding expedition? Well, now is your chance! Make your way to the only international airport of the country and get ready to experience a place with over 300 clear-sky days per day, making it a superb location for those in search of the Northern Lights.

Yellowknife – Canada

Located just a 25-minute drive from the city center of Yellowknife, you will find the quaint Aurora Village, home to a teepee campground unlike any other. Make your way inside and find lounge viewing chairs that proceed to heat up while taking in the magnificent sight of the lights. This is definitely an opportunity of a lifetime.

Seeing the Northern Lights is on many bucket lists. Let Ingenious Travel help you cross it off YOUR list!


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