Family Vacations | Ingenious TravelPlanning a family vacation can be a little tedious especially when you are considering various preferences and interests. This is especially true when your family is composed of different age groups.

You need to take into account your enjoyment as a couple, your teenager’s hobbies and your toddlers care. Good thing, there are now plenty of vacation options that cater to families and the assortment of needs that go with them.

When choosing a family vacation option, it is important to pay attention to the dynamics and flexibility of your destination. The activities and entertainment selection should be diverse enough to keep individual members of the family amused and excited. The venue should also have adequate security measures to keep youngsters safe and sound without parents having to always keep them within sight. Finally, since it involves more than a few individuals tagging along, the cost that goes with the vacation should also be family friendly.

Cruise vacation – if your family enjoys water activities and do not mind cruising on open sea for a few days at a time, this could be the perfect getaway for the whole family. Most cruises offer all inclusive prices that include accommodation, food and entertainment options. Cruise ships are also equipped with family friendly amenities such as giant pools, water slides, movies, playgrounds and recreation rooms for the whole family to enjoy. Some cruise lines offer family staterooms so you can all be together. You also get to visit exotic destinations that you and your children will find exciting to explore and discover.

Resort vacation – if you don’t want to risk the possibility of sea sickness on a cruise vacation, you can enjoy similar amenities and perks in a resort vacation. Resorts catering to family holidaymakers are also equipped with age appropriate entertainment alternatives. They also have facilities to keep toddlers entertained while the elders enjoy on their own. If you worry about the cost, there are plenty of resorts that offer all inclusive prices so that family vacationers can keep their expenses within their allotted budget. Whether you want to spend your time on a tropical paradise, on a winter wonderland or an indoor theme park, there are plenty of resort vacation options to choose from.

Adventure or Experiential vacation – families who enjoy an active lifestyle may want to go on an adventure vacation where all members of the brood can have hands on experience on different exhilarating and exciting pursuits. The options are limitless. You can choose a scenic route and explore the area on a cycling tour. You can also go on trekking or camping trips where you can teach your children to better appreciate nature and the diversity it represents.

We can help you with the vacation to best fit your family. It’s not too late to plan for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Contact us today so we can start planning!


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