Years ago, when our grandmothers planned a girls get together, it was almost always a morning coffee and cake session, a lunch out on Saturdays and shopping or even getting together with the girls for a game of cards in the evening.    These days, when you think of getting together with the girls, it’s for much more than a cup of coffee and a morning gossip.   It’s for a spa weekend at some luxurious hotel, a fabulous weekend of sun and surf in Mexico, skiing in Colorado or even taking a mini cruise.

What could be more fun?  You and your best girl friends on a wonderful adventure together.    And if you and your girlfriends don’t all live in the same city, a Girlfriend Getaway is the perfect way for all of you to be able to see each other and share a fabulous time.

There are just endless possibilities to choose from.     Do you and your girlfriends share a love of scrapbooking?  There are actually cruises that offer you the chance to not only spend a great time with your girlfriends, but also let you indulge your creative side as well.    So what you waiting for?  Ingenious Travel is here, ready to put together the best girlfriend getaway you could ever dream of!


Where is your vacation ‘happy place’?

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