I follow this great site, http://ski.com and recently got an email letting me know about some amazing specials they had going on.  Right now, they have nine different resorts with great packages offering anything from a night free or even up to 50% off of your lodging if you book early.  We all know how difficult it can be to get into the ski resort of your choice if you look late into the season.  So being able to find a great deal and get into the resort of your choice is always a fabulous thing.

But also in this email was a great listing of ski movies and they provided a list of their top five ski movies:

  1. Dumb and Dumber
  2. Hot Dog – The Movie
  3. Ski School
  4. Aspen Extreme
  5. Better Off Dead

I got to thinking about it and there are a lot of others out there, some good, some really bad and some so bad they are funny.   I’ll bet you didn’t know that the King and Queen of the 1960s beach movies also made a ski movie.  That’s right Frankie Avalone and Annette Funicello made a movie called Ski Party.  Disney got into the act too with a Dean Jones classic called Snowball Express.   And of course there are tons of ski scenes in James Bond Movies, The Spy Who Loved me has an incredible scene where Roger Moore skies off a cliff in his getaway.  Even Hitchcock got into the mix with Spellbound starting Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman.

So definitely check out the deals at ski.com and then fire up your favorite ski movie to get yourself ready to go for the upcoming season.


What’s your favorite ski scene from the movies?

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