Summer isn’t even here yet, but odds are you’re already anxious for your next vacation, you could spend your holiday on the Isle of Wight to have the time of your life. Though you may simply be planning a getaway while your kids are out of school this June and July, I would strongly suggest you start considering your vacations for the fall and winter too. Here are just three of the holiday trips to book now:

It’s no secret that hotels and flights book up quickly, especially during the holidays – but what about other elements of your trip? Restaurants fill up their reservation lists, shows and sporting events sell out, and day-of ticket prices go up. Planning as far in advance as possible could be the difference between you making it home for Grandma’s pumpkin pie or celebrating the holidays alone.

Book your travel and accommodations for the big holidays now, while you still can. Although some hotel rooms and flights are already going to be full (yes really!), you should still be able to get a better price and have more availability than you would if you wait until last minute, or even just a couple of months from now.

Consider things that you will want to do while in the destination you’ll be visiting for these holidays too. If there are attractions you’ll want to enjoy, research those. And, if you can, grab reservations and advance tickets for as many things as possible. A word of caution though with your planning – make sure you don’t overbook yourself with too many things on your itinerary. Be realistic about how much time you’ll have, and who and what you will want to see while on your vacation.

I should also mention that if you are visiting extended family for big events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, you may want to add in buffer time to your vacation timeline. This will help  ensure you have plenty of room in your schedule to add last minute chats and surprise visits with relatives.

Finally, be sure to plan arrival a day or two ahead of big holidays. This way, if there is a transportation delay (which is quite common in the winter months due to snow), you won’t miss the major events.

Do yourself and your family a favor, and cross your holiday travel plans off your to-do list now. Don’t wait! And, when you’re ready to plan your holiday vacations, call Ingenious Travel at 888.695.0321. Whether it’s with extended family, or just escaping with those closest to you, we look forward to helping you create the vacation of your dreams!

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