One question we are asked all the time is “how much should I tip while traveling?”

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, keep these guidelines in mind:

Airport Tip Guide


Cruise Tip Guide

Hotel Tip Guide

Restaurant Tip Guide

Transportation Tip Guide

Again, these are just guidelines for thanking those who help you enjoy your trip.

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  1. I am really glad that you wrote this post! This is something that I have been unsure of (except for waiters and waitresses) and now you have cleared it up! Thank you ! Great info.

  2. Great guidelines, Maria. The only thing you didn’t mention is to be certain the tip has not already been included in the bill, especially in places such as restaurants, room service, etc. For example, because the tip is included in many European tabs, in places like South Florida where lots of Europeans vacation, they add the tip to the tab … or servers won’t get tipped because Europeans will assume it’s included … and, yes, I’ve double tipped by not paying attention. 😉

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