Would it surprise you to learn that themed vacations are becoming more popular than ever these days? One such themed vacation that is growing in popularity that may surprise you is knitting tours. What exactly happens on a knitting tour? Do you just sit around in a fancy location knitting? If you’re as curious as we were, keep reading.

As is the case with most themed vacations, knitting tours are not solely about knitting. Rather they are about getting people who have an interest in it together in one location. Imagine going on your next trip with like-minded individuals who have the same interest as you do. In truth, this is the basis of a themed vacation, and why they are so popular. To know that you’re not alone in your love of something, and to be able to hang out with others who enjoy something you do too gives you an opportunity to bond in a whole new way, in a fun new place.

What to Expect on a Knitting Tour

Knitting tours by land and sea combine the loves of traveling and knitting. Depending on the trip you take, your tour may include yarn and plenty of down time for knitting, or knitting may be the focus. Many knitting tours feature classes to learn new knitting patterns whereas others simply include time to knit with friends between excursions and/or site-seeing.

You’ll visit new cultures, and try new cuisines, and every day will feature something fun and exciting. Some tours will include meeting fiber artists, some will involve shopping for that perfect souvenir yarn, and others still will include a combination of both along with visits to exciting tourist destinations.

Want to Learn About Upcoming Knitting Tours Available?

No need to get yourself in knots! There are knitting tours available to New York, Yorkshire, Tuscany and more. To learn more about upcoming knitting tours, and to book your getaway, call 888.695.0321, today. You bring the yarn and knitting needles, and we’ll handle the rest.

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