Pedcro Vasquez ColmenaresTribeca is not just the home of the Film Festival co-founded by Robert DeNiro and Jane Rosenthal, it is also a fabulous historic area of New York City that showcases the performing arts along side of some incredible historical buildings. The film festival held every year helps to promote the role that New York City has played in films and TV. In fact, one of the attractions of the area, Hook and Ladder Company #8 was the site of the Ghost Busters films. Still in active service, this firehouse also houses memorabilia from the movies.

The name Tribeca is actually a contraction of the term Triangle Below Cancel Block. Following the same path as the SoHo district in New York, this not to be missed district in New York City is primarily made up of turn of the century industrial buildings that have since been converted to living/work space for the mostly artisan community. This area also includes building that date back to the end of the Civil War, the original New York Telephone Company Building and even the former New York Mercantile Exchange. Annually, there is a wonderful free walking tour of artist studios that showcases the unique talents of this area.

So whether you head for the Festival this April or are looking for a fabulous historic area to explore o your next vacation, let Ingenious Travel book your way to this incredible gem of a New York City neighborhood.

What was your favorite scene from the Ghostbusters Movies?
Image source: Pedcro Vasquez Colmenares

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