Do you have a favorite hobby, such as going to san diego whale watching or touring lighthouses?  Did you know that there are hundreds of specialty cruises that can be tailored to fit just about anybody’s favorite hobby or interest area?  It’s absolutely true; today you can find a cruise to cover just about anything you could possibly imagine.  And don’t get locked into the idea that a cruise means ocean sailing; there are some great river and canal cruises out there that are just fabulous.

Specialty cruises can also involve other methods of transportation.  For instance, there is a lovely cruise that tours Alaska which includes a train ride and even the opportunity to race a dogsled.    If you are looking for a wonderful getaway but have not checked into a cruise because of the time involved, check again.  There are a growing number of cruises being offered that can easily fit into a long weekend and encompass your particular passion.

But what if your passion in life is a great game of bridge or fine dining.  There is a cruise out there, just for you.  In fact, no matter what you may be interested in, from arts and crafts to music and even gaming and technology, Ingenious Travel can create the perfect cruise package for you.

What was the best touring vacation you ever took?

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