Packing suitcaseKeeping your clothes wrinkle-free is close to impossible when traveling. In fact, your problem starts from the moment the clothes are placed inside your bag. Keeping your clothes wrinkle-free may be impossible, however there are several things you can do to minimize it. The following tips will allow you to keep your clothes ready to wear when you get to your destination.

Overloading your luggage is one of the main culprits of wrinkles in clothing. When your luggage is jam-packed full of so many things, expect to find them crushed to the point of being unwearable. You can always take advantage of the hotel pressing service but those services don’t come cheap and the cost can take a big bite out of your vacation budget So, to avoid squashing your clothes, pack only enough that will allow your clothes to breathe while you travel.

How you fold your clothes also contributes to keeping wrinkling at a minimum. Rolling is best for t-shirts and jeans. It is also an effective way to maximize your luggage space. For jeans, fold them lengthwise first then start rolling from the cuff up. Same goes with t-shirts, fold the arms first then fold the shirt lengthwise and roll starting from the bottom. However, rolling is not recommended for sweaters because of their bulk; so, you can just fold them the way you always do at home.

Rolling also does not apply for clothes you plan to hang when you get to your destination. What you can do is to fold them like you always do and pack them separately inside dry-cleaner bags or any clean plastics of appropriate size. This is a great way to prevent them from rubbing into each other and wrinkled-up in the process.

Do not stack your underwear and lingerie together with your bigger items. Instead, pack them in several laundry bags and use them to fill up empty spaces in your luggage when you get to packing-proper. Anyway, wrinkles are not really an issue when it comes to your delicates.

The final process of packing to minimize wrinkles in clothes is filling up your luggage. Make sure that all heavy items such as your toiletries, blow dryer, books, etc. go to the bottom of the pile when your luggage is in upright position because when you place them anywhere else other than the bottom, they are bound to crush your clothes along the way.

Next, place your neatly piled folded clothes at the center of your luggage. The remaining empty spaces at the sides are meant for your rolled items. They will keep the folded clothes in place and cushion them from bumps and movement. Lesser movement means lesser wrinkles at the end so make sure all your things are packed solidly together. Moreover, when you pack shoes together with your clothes, don’t pack your shoes side by side. One shoe goes to one side of the luggage and the other pair goes to the other side. Then tuck in your rolled shirts or undies in the empty spaces surrounding them. Don’t forget to wrap your shoes in clean plastic before packing them in.

When you arrive at your destination, unpacking should be the first thing you will do. Hang clothes that need to be hung and neatly fold the rest. Then, finish up by keeping them all in your hotel’s wardrobe instead of piled up inside your luggage.

Do you have other packing tips to keep clothes wrinkle free? Please share them in the comments below.

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