Family Golf Trip | Ingenious TravelIf you are a lover of the sport, there is no better way to spend your vacation than in the middle of the golf course teeing off to your heart’s content. But, what if your family doesn’t share the same passion for golf? Don’t despair. The following planning tips will help you cook up the perfect vacation that combines your love for golf with your family’s craving for an exciting holiday.

The biggest considerations for this kind of family getaway are location, location, location. Of course, it goes without saying that the budget should be on top of the list but you know this already. With a set budget in mind research for the perfect location that features your ideal golf course and a set of attractions that appeal to your family’s interest since we have been training with a simulator like this one you can find at the link.

Prioritizing your golfing needs is tempting but you don’t want to deal with bored kids and a fuming spouse during the family’s much anticipated break. So, make sure you choose a location from Golf holidays direct with access to nearby theme parks, beaches, nature trails or such other attractions that members of your family find exciting.

Choose a hotel that is central to the golf course of your choice and incorporate attractions as part of your family’s itinerary. You don’t want to spend so much time driving between sites. It is also best to plan your route in advance to minimize travel time and maximize travel fun.

If you have chosen a destination that features plenty of things to do and places to visit, you may consider staying in a decent B&B to cut costs. However, if you have set your eyes on a place with limited leisure and entertainment opportunities, hotels with a good pool and a kids playground is mandatory when traveling with children. These amenities will keep them occupied during slow days. You also want to check out golf courses offering amusement facilities to non-playing visitors. This way, you can all go to the same venue and have fun at the same time.

Do not spend all your vacation time in the golf course. This is a family holiday after all. So, schedule your games such that you still spend enough quality time with your brood. The goal is to strike a good balance between golf time and family time.

Booking in advance will make sure that you stick to the planned itinerary. You do not want to reach your destination and find out that the golf course of your choice is fully booked on days you plan on playing or the tourist attraction your family is keen on visiting is unavailable on the day you plan to visit. It is more difficult to come up with a well-balanced itinerary if you have to do it on the spot.

You also may want to try a cruise vacation, where you can go golfing in ports of call and the rest of the family can do numerous activities and then you are all together in the evenings on board or the time you are at sea!

Finally, do not forget to consider the weather. Nothing is worse than being welcomed with a downpour at the golf course or at the outdoor theme park during your visit. If you are planning to spend your vacation in tropical destinations, don’t plan the day based solely on bright sunshiny mornings. It can be instantaneously replaced with a heavy shower especially during rainy season. So, know what time of the year constant rain is expected and avoid those months at all cost. You and your family will then enjoy a perfect vacation together!

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  1. Going away with friends can also be a very useful technique. Doing so allows you take it in turns to look after the kids meaning that if you’re lucky enough to also have a gold-playing partner you can both nip off for a round without any feelings of guilt while your friends watch the youngsters. The following day you can just change places.

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