Today, going on a vacation at least once a year has become the norm in many families. Not just in the U.S., but around the world. The unfortunate reality is though, that during winter and summer breaks traveling is generally more expensive than it is during other times of the year. Because of this, some families are opting to go on vacation during slower seasons. The question then becomes – Should your kids miss school for a family vacation? Below are the pros and cons of taking kids out of school for travel.


  1. As much as working hard is important, taking time to rest is also very important. The brain too needs some time to recover and rest, and taking your child out of school for a vacation is a good way to help them relax. Chances of them performing even better in school after the vacation are very high.
  2. Knowledge is not limited to the classroom alone. During vacations, children are exposed to a lot of things that simply can’t be taught in school. In the “real world” they get to learn many things practically and with a hands on approach, unlike in school where most of the things students are taught are theoretical. In addition, children will get exposed to other languages, culture and ways of living outside of their own.

  1. Vacations are precious family time together. Most families that have both parents working don’t really spend enough time with each other. This can lead to many families to become dysfunctional since they don’t know each other well. During vacations parents and children bond together. This makes them a stronger family unit that is more united.
  2. Chances of getting good vacation deals when children are in school are high. As we mentioned above, peak travel times are generally more expensive. However, when kids are in school, the herd thins out making hotels and plane tickets available at a more affordable rate.


  1. It takes time before children fully adapt to going back to school after a vacation. They may struggle to catch up with other students, concentration in class may be minimal, and their performance may suffer.
  2. Your child may miss many important school work, exams and lessons while they’re away. This may put them under more pressure to perform, and could negatively affect their performance in the short term and even long term.
  1. The school may be against taking your child out of school and you may be forced to negotiate with the school teachers. This can feel like a formality that makes many parents uncomfortable. It’s a reminder of how terrifying it was to be called to the principal’s office or stay after class. Then again, some parents get a thrill of going against the rules of the faculty and staff.

Should you take them out of school?

At the end of the day, they are your children, and you have to make the best decision for them and your family. If you do decide to pull them out of school, you could always ask your child’s teachers for their assignments ahead of time, and work with them after they get back to keep their grades up. Then again, what they learn while you’re traveling could have a bigger impact on them than anything the teacher might present.

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