Christmas Markets | Ingenious TravelEach year, various countries throughout Europe put away the fall colors of orange, yellow and red and bring out the twinkling lights, beautifully decorated Christmas trees and endless holiday treats to put on some of the world’s best Christmas Markets. If you have only heard about such markets and have yet to actually experience one first hand, a river cruise may just be your ticket to an opportunity of a lifetime. Imagine making your way through to find yourself surrounded by snow-capped mountains, a winter scenery you’ve only seen pictures of and a magical jovial extravaganza awaiting for your entry. Consider heading on a river cruise that takes you to the following European Christmas Markets…

Maastricht – Holland

Explore an extremely cozy and delightful wander through the Magical Maastricht where you can indulge in locally made treats, ice skate in the temporary 100-meter squared ice rink or even go for a ride on the big wheel just outside. A well lit, beautifully decorated and welcoming oasis filled with endless treasures to enjoy and take back home.

Winter Wonders – Belgium

Located in Brussels within the beautiful setting of Place Sainte Catherine, Winter Wonders is bursting with colors, a fun atmosphere and plenty of things to see and discover while there. Enjoy the ice rink and Ferris wheel along with the many concerts and marching bands that put on shows for the whole crowd to delight in.

Valkenburg – Netherlands

This Christmas Market is unlike any other, seeing as it is in fact located underground within a cave making it the ultimate unique experience to enjoy. Mouth-blown glass ornaments, yummy Belgian chocolates and do-it-yourself Christmas cards are just a few of the many treasures to be found here.

Market of Angels – Germany

This wonderful Christmas Market is found in Cologne and is amongst six other Christmas Markets that are found nearby and are just as lovely. Being able to see a few more of them in addition to the Market of Angels is best as you will get to be amongst irresistible holiday foods, brightly lit cathedrals and enough Christmas ornaments to last you for the rest of your life.

Barfusserplatz – Switzerland

Found in Basel, this Christmas Market is one not to miss as you will find yourself surrounding by over 100 tall and perfectly lit pine trees, making it the longest Christmas street in Europe as well as dozens of wood huts selling everything Christmas. Enjoy the scent of fresh pine, collect beautiful ornaments and wander about this magical wonderland.

There is still time to plan for this year’s Christmas Markets. Contact us today to reserve your spot and get ready to see how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

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