The Romance Writers of America Annual Conference is taking place in Anaheim, CA in just three weeks! Being a newbie attendee, and not knowing what to expect, I got onto twitter and asked. I was amazed and overwhelmed by the number of responses.

Here are 10 great tips I received from veteran writers:

  1. Introduce yourself to everyone! (Dee Davis)
  2. Get a copy of the scheduled panels and workshops in advance and figure out your game plan ahead of time. (Kat Mancos)
  3. Don’t be shy about talking to people. Who knows? You might make a life-ling friend this way. (Sandra Schwab)
  4. Be friendly, have snacks in your bag, plan downtown because it gets overwhelming. Have fun! (Lauren Dane)
  5. Make sure all your shoes are well broken in before the conference. (Tanya Michaels)
  6. Newbie RWA Advice: Volunteer! You’ll make friends. And don’t try to do everything, pick and choose wisely. (Lynne Silver)
  7. Don’t overbook yourself. Best experiences happen random (and in the bar)! (Isobel Carr)
  8. Be sure to attend the First Timer Orientation…room full of first time attendees like yourself. (Romance Writers of America)
  9. Stay away from perfumes or strong scents…flares up allergies. (Denise Pattison)
  10. Extra bags come in handy for the book signings. (Sandra Schwab)

Thanks ladies for all the great advice. I’m putting them to use and look forward to meeting all of you in person at the conference!

Also, for those of you not attending the Romance Writers of America Annual Conference, and are in Southern California, be sure to come by the Anaheim Convention Center on Wednesday, July 25th from 5-8pm for the Readers for Life Literacy Autographing Signing to meet some of your favorite romance writers, get pictures and autographs and support a great charity!

If you attend, come find me and say hello!

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