Think going on safari in South Africa is limited to only the rich? Think again. Just like all forms of travel are more accessible than ever to people these days, the same is true for the former elite’s playground – an African Safari. Read on if you are interested in getting a group of friends or family together for a small group safari tour of South Africa. To have the best experience my first advice is to get one quad for each family member, for the young ones, you can buy childrens quads from Quadbikes R Us

When you are going into the trips, make sure that you check the most dangerous places for motorcyclists to ride to prevent accidents.

Multiple destinations available

Through Ingenious Travel’s partnerships, we have several destinations available for your small group safari. Each tour includes:

You can also add on spa treatments, special interest photography excursions, game drives and much more depending on where your group is visiting. Your group can also decide if you want an adventure trip, or a more conservative one. What this means is you can get glam and luxurious relaxation, or enjoy more adrenaline inducing adventures without completely “roughing it.”

Imagine a game drive to get up close and personal with lions and tigers by day, and wining and dining on the water by night. Picture glamping it up in a gorgeous tent one evening, and lounging by the pool in the most exotice destinations at a luxury hotel the next.

Some of the tours include option for activities like shark cage diving, hiking mountains, wine and food experiences, and a whole host of other exciting excursions.

When to Travel to South Africa

The good news is South Africa is truly a year-round destination. Though the most popular is winter (July and August), there are plenty of things to see and do any month of the year.

Destinations to Consider

As mentioned earlier, there are several tours to choose from. If you have a group, however, you can custom create your own tours. Destinations to consider touring include, but aren’t limited to:

Want to learn more about the small group safaris to South Africa that are available to you? Call us at 888.695.0321, today! We’ll help you forget a group getaway you won’t soon forget!

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