For some travelers, the idea of exploring the world alone sounds invigorating. For others, it sounds lonely. But, it doesn’t have to be! If you’re without a match in 2020, this year might just be the perfect time to head to Ireland. Below are some tips for enjoying a visit to the country even if you’re traveling solo.

Bring a Family Member

So you don’t have a significant other. That’s okay. Odds are you’ve got someone in your family who would love to get out of dodge with you! What better way to deepen emotional bonds than by doing something relaxing and rejuvenating like visiting the Emerald Isle?

Make it a Girl’s (or Guy’s) Trip

Friends are the family you choose, and going with them can be one of the best ways to have fun on vacation. In fact, this is true even if you are already coupled up! There’s nothing quite like learning about new cultures and traditions with your closest friends by your side. It takes all the pressure off, and allows you to focus on what you really want out of your trip. 

Turn Your Trip Into a Mate Hunt

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include something fun! You know how when a couple has been dating a while everyone inevitably starts asking how they met? Can you imagine how fun it would be to say, “We met while vacationing in Ireland”? When music is playing in the pubs, and there’s beautiful scenery all around you, who knows what magic the fates might stir up!

However, if the idea of picking up someone new seems a little too unnerving, fear not. You don’t have to just ask random strangers if they are in a relationship because Ireland hosts an annual Matchmaking Festival just for singles like you! This year’s festival is being held September 4 through the 30 and only singles are invited to this special event in Lisdoonvarna. 

The Matchmaking Festival is called Europe’s biggest singles festival and it brings together dancing, music, fun, and singles looking for love from all over the world. For one month you can hang out with thousands of options for your potential mister or misses! Hosted and created by matchmaker Willie Daly, rumor has it that if you can meet him and touch his ‘lucky book’ with both hands, you’ll be married in six months! 

Want to learn more about traveling to Ireland for the festival, or just for a fun family or friends trip? Ingenious Travel would love to help you plan the perfect getaway to the land known for music and magic. Call us at 727.748.4077, today!

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