Sports Firsts, Victories and Follies for October 14

Here is some great sports trivia for events that occurred on October 14 over the last 100+ years

Sports Triva

In 1905, the New York Giants beat the Philadelphia A’s in the 2nd World Series.  They won 4 games to the A’s 1.

In 1906, in the first American League Victory, the White Sox beat the Cubs, leaving the Cubs to collect a loser’s share of just $439.50.  This is the lowest share on record.

In 1908, the smallest crowd ever, only 6,210 fan, was recorded for attending a World Series.  This was to see the Cubs beat the Tigers.

In 1911, the largest crowd ever, 38,281 at the Polo Grounds turned out to see the Giants beat the A’s.  The gate was a record $77,379 at the time.

In 1945 the Chicago Cardinals ended a 29 game losing streak to beat the Bears.

In 1962 Houston Oiler George Blanda threw 6 TD passes to help beat the New York Titans 56-17

In 1962 Kathy Whitworth one the LPGA Thunderbird Tourney.

In 1964 Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris hit home runs off of back to back pitches.

In 1965 Sandy Koufax pitched his second shutout of the Worlds Series with the Twins, 2-0.

In 1973 Willie Mays last hit helped the Mets beat the A’s in the World Series.

In 1979 Wayne Gretsky scored his first goal on the way to becoming the NHL’s greatest scorer.

In 1986 The decision is made by the IOC to start to stagger the Winter and Summer Olympic Games.

In 1990 Joe Montana passed for 6 touchdowns in the San Francisco 49er’s versus Atlanta for a final score of 45-35.

In 1992 The Toronto Blue Jays won their first ever American League pennant by beaing the Oakland A’s.

In 1996 Chris Jacke of the Packers kicked a 53 yard field goal to end overtime.  Longest field goal on record at the time.

In 2000, Roger Clemens of the Yankees, sets a record of 15 strikeouts during a World Series Game.

In 2007 during the New England Patriots versus Dallas game, Dallas ended up with 100 yards in penalties and were defeated 48-27.

So what were some of your Sports Firsts?  I would love to hear all about them!



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