Art History ImagesTime was, when kids got out of school in the summer, one of the things to do on the family summer agenda was a visit to Grandma’s house.  Whether she lived across the street or across the state, summertime means at least one week would be spent visiting family.

Today, we still visit with Grandma, but these days, it’s more likely to be on a cruise than in her kitchen.  Multi-generational trips are on the upswing.  Cruise ships have been cashing in on this new trend for awhile now and have begun tailoring packages specifically for Multi-generational travel.  Family parties small and large alike have been taking advantage of the opportunity to travel together with the ability to plan their own adventures and still have the pleasure of being with family.

Hotels are also seeing an upswing in this type of vacation.   More and more people are traveling to a location central to all family members to spend vacations together.  With the Internet putting more and more family members in instant touch with each other; it’s been easier to plan that special reunion trip to celebrate big anniversaries, birthdays or just a fun getaway.

Sound like something fun? Get your cousins together and then give Ingenious Travel a call.  Let us book you a family vacation to remember!

What is your favorite memory of going to Grandma’s in the summer?

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  1. As an old travel agent I love the angle for your post. Great idea for getting families to travel together. They can pick their own food, don’t need taxis and there is something for everyone!

  2. We’ve been taking family vacations for years. If we never see each other all year, we know we will all see each other at the beach! Like your idea of cruising though . . .

  3. Holidays with my grandma were different from what you describe. They happened only occasionally and she would join my parents, my brother and I for a week staying in a chalet or caravan.

    I like the idea of multigenerational holidays.

  4. I lived beside my grandparents house when I grew up so I was always visiting 🙂 Many many memories and too many good ones to even begin writing this am 🙂

    1. One set of grandparents lived in another state and my other set lived in a different country, so we didn’t see them that often. We always looked forward to spending time with them.

  5. Pointing “family vacations” towards cruises and hotels makes lots of sense. Then no one has the burden of hosting and feeding the rest, and everyone can relax and enjoy one another. Besides, the cruise and hotel industries appreciate the $$ … 😉

  6. I always spent time at my grandparent’s home. It was treasured time spending baking, playing outside and playing cards with my grandfather. Although we never traveled together my grandparents shared their travel adventures with me.

  7. My grandma lived in the same house, so we didn’t need to travel far. 😉 Loved it and the memories are just incredible. “More and more people are travelling to a location central to all family members to spend vacations together.” ~ this is great and I agree, people now have so many opportunities to connect via internet.

  8. This is a really great idea. We’re having a family reunion this year for the first time in about 20 years and all getting together at a rented cottage.

  9. My father and stepmom have started the cruises… one cruise a year… and it’s their family vacation… cruises are nice..

  10. My childhood summers were all about the visits to my grandparents’ farm. Almond and walnut trees, digging potatoes and picking fresh vegetables for dinner and long summer days running through the fields with my sisters and my cousins.

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