While most people look forward to NOT cooking on their vacation, there are those of us who can’t wait to prepare that next meal.  And what could be better than a vacation trip that allows you to do just that.  Theme trips have been around for quite a while.  But these days, no matter what your interest is, you can find a vacation that centers on it.

Taking a cooking vacation can be as simple as spending a few days getting a personal cooking lesson from a popular restaurant to booking a culinary tour of Europe.   The Santa Fe School of Cooking offers half day classes where you can learn how to create contemporary southwestern cuisine.  Another school, the Jane Butel Cooking School offers 3 hour, weekend and even week long classes in southwestern foods besides allowing time to see the sites in New Mexico.

And you don’t have to be looking to learn how to create a new dish to take advantage of this type of vacation.   Most major cities in the United States as well as Europe have fabulous culinary tours which not only take you on a walking/bus tour of a famous neighborhood, but also gives you the opportunity to taste the local delicacies.  New York City for example offers a fabulous tour through Brooklyn that lets you not only see the area as a resident would, but allows you to sample some incredible food that you won’t find anywhere else.

So what are you waiting for?  Ingenious Travel is ready to take your reservation!

What is the most exotic meal you’ve ever had while on vacation?

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  1. A cooking vacation. Definitely interesting. Well if you like cooking. Probably not the best thing for people that eat out 50% while at home, but I guess there is a nice little niche that would and does enjoy this experience.

  2. We stopped at an Ethiopian restaurant called The Blue Nile in Ann Arbor during the 100++ degree weather going on during the Annual Ann Arbor Art Fair. I had never had anything like this. The food was served on a kind of bread plate. And more of these tortilla-like Ethiopian crepes were served for scooping up the delicious food. It was the most unexpectedly good food I’d had. Would love to learn how to cook this kind of meal and make this bread!

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