If you are planning your first trip to beautiful Barcelona, Spain and still wondering with what you are going to fill your days with while there, consider the following fantastic options that you absolutely must not miss out on…

Casa Mila | Ingenious Travel

Explore Gaudi’s Many Marvels

No trip to Barcelona would ever be complete without exploring and discovering the many impressive works of Antoni Gaudi, a famous architect who certainly left his mark on the city. Begin by wandering through Parc Guell where you will get the chance to see some of the most unique and colorful architectural designs in the world. Next, visit La Sagrada Familia – Church of the Sacred Family – before heading right over to Casa Batllo, his apartment building masterpiece unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Las Ramblas | Ingenious Travel


Wander Down Las Ramblas

There is a big chance you have already considered doing this as it is the busiest and most popular neighborhood in all of Barcelona. Filled with a nearly endless list of booths, restaurants and bars that are perfect for making your rounds and filling up your appetite as well as shopping bags. Though busy at most times of the day – except siesta time – it is a must, even if it is just a one-time activity.

Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria| Ingenious Travel

Discover Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria

This Barcelona activity should only be done on an empty stomach as you are surely going to want to try every single delectable thing in sight. As the most popular and well-loved markets throughout the entire city, you can be rest assured that there are plenty of Spanish tapas, delicious beverages and lots of snacks to keep you fully filled and satisfied. You may find yourself coming back here every day instead of deciding which restaurant to eat lunch or dinner.


CampNou Stadium | Ingenious Travel

Witness the Famous Camp Nou Stadium

For all futbol (soccer) lovers out there, this is an obvious must while in Barcelona. In fact, even if you aren’t the biggest fan of futbol then this is still a fantastic opportunity to see something that is both exciting and extremely culturally important to the Catalan people. With room to seat over 100,000 enthusiastic fans, Camp Nou Stadium is a place where you can either buy tickets to enjoy an actual FC Barcelona match or simply take a tour of the facilities. Either way, it is a great experience and something you will remember for years to come.

Barcelona Beach | Ingenious Travel

Soak Up the Sun & Sand at the Beaches

Although exploring the town, going shopping and appreciating the many architectural wonders of the city is important, sometimes you simply just need to kick back and relax. Thankfully, Barcelona is home to some fantastic beaches where you can do just that. Whether all you want to do is close your eyes and work on your tan, participate in a game of beach volleyball or dive into the warm waters, it is all possible while there.

Is Barcelona on your travel list? If not, it should be. Contact us today to schedule your trip today! Have you been? What were  your favorite sites? Let us know in the comments below.

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