AfricaLayout-safari clothesYou lifelong dream of heading out on safari is finally in the books and you could not be more excited about it! From the roaring lions to the majestic giraffes, safaris are possibly one of the greatest explorations you could check off your bucket list and for many it never becomes a reality. However, along with the excitement of your trip, you also need to be thinking realistically about what you need to pack before heading out. The following are some of the essentials that you will most definitely want to have with you before getting up close and personal with the safari world…

Weather Dependent Clothes

Of course with each season comes various climates and weather, which you will definitely need to be aware of before you leave for your trip. During the summer months when the temperatures are much hotter, you will need to wear lightweight t-shirts and shorts. The winter months when the temperatures drop, you will want to wear long sleeve t-shirts and light but long pants. Make sure no matter what season or temperatures occur that all of your clothes are comfortable!

Comfortable Shoes

You will need to bring at least two pairs of shoes, which includes one for hiking and getting a little dirtier and one for more casual wear matched with a great pair of comfortable athletic socks. Make sure they are fully broken in and that you have worn them before your trip so as to prevent getting blisters and creating an uncomfortable situation during your trip of a lifetime.

A Wide Brimmed Hat

The sun you will be experiencing is probably much more extreme than you are used to and wearing a wide brimmed hat can be the difference between a painful sun burn and a fun painless experience. Keep the sun away from your face and protect it with a hat…no matter how unfashionable you may think it looks.

Insect Repellent & Sunscreen

Another addition that is an absolute necessity when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun is sunscreen. Take at least a 50 SPF depending on your skin type as well as a strong insect repellent with a high percentage of DEET. There are millions upon millions of mosquitoes ready and waiting to make a meal out of you and though not fully preventable, insect repellent will prove to be a lifesaver during your safari.

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